UK newspaper The Independent covers Bitcoin’s upward trend in the midst of the pandemic


Cryptomontages have made headlines in the UK, with The Independent reporting recent annual peaks in Bitcoin Code of over $12,000.

An Aug. 18 report shows the traditional news site, which has over 24 million subscribers, covering Bitcoin’s upward trend amid the pandemic in the cryptomone markets.

World’s largest business intelligence company buys 21,000 Bitcoin for $250 million

„The latest gains mean that Bitcoin’s price has nearly tripled since March, despite a global economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic,“ the article said.

„Other cryptomontages have reflected Bitcoin’s fortunes, with Ether (Ethereum) rising from just over $100 in March to the current price of $430.

„Invest in Bitcoin“ says the Galaxy Digital ad to the readers of the Financial Times
The Independent compared Bitcoin to gold as a safe haven asset that investors turn to in „times of economic uncertainty“. The media also cited the business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, which bought $250 million in BTC to use as its main reserve asset.

Crypto-currencies are becoming widespread

HEX places ads in the UK where it boasts 11,500% earnings
The price of Bitcoin has risen substantially in 2020, as central banks have pushed many unconventional measures to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic, leading some companies and figures to reconsider crypto-currencies as a legitimate store of value.

In the United Kingdom, Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital printed a full-page ad for cryptomonies in the international business newspaper Financial Times on August 14, telling readers to „invest in Bitcoin“ during these „uncertain times. Richard Heart’s controversial HEX token also has ads stuck on London’s public transport, in the newspapers and during football matches.

Grayscale Investments launched a 30-second commercial on business and finance cable channels starting August 10, which many viewers responded negatively to on social networks.