This NFT whale owns a virtual car for $111,111

A year ago, an anonymous user purchased an NFT from the block-chain racing game F1 Delta Time for over $110,000 – the most expensive crypto collectible sold in 2019 by game company Animoca Brands. Now the ETH whale reveals itself.

The Internet is a wonderful shopping centre full of curious things. In the age of digital assets, particularly interesting blockchain deals are shaping contemporary digital culture. As reported by the crypto news portal Coindesk, an anonymous bidder spent over 111,000 US dollars in 2019 in the form of wETH (wrapped ETH) on a virtual Formula 1 racing car from the F1 Delta Time racing game. He thus won the auction against about 15 bidders, who had submitted a total of 40 bids for the crypto-collector’s item. But why would someone spend so much money on a virtual car in an unpublished racing game that only a few people know about? Now, a year and a half later, the anonymous NFT whale reveals itself.

As Animoca Brands, the game developer behind the blockchain-based game F1 Delta Time, announced in a media report, the buyer recently made himself known under the pseudonym „Metakovan“. He had acquired the virtual racing car with the title 1-1-1 as a Non Fungible Token (NFT) or collector’s item on 24 May 2019. Unlike conventional racing games, F1 Delta Time offers block chain functions such as content tokenisation, staking, play-to-earn and real digital ownership. In an interview with the podcast of Blockchain Gaming World, Metakovan explains that the virtual car is a worthwhile investment. On the one hand because of the story behind it, and on the other hand because competing bidders made the collectible all the more attractive during the auction. As a result, their interest had aroused his own.

Everything for a good story
„NFTs are all about stories,“ he says in the podcast. „Anything that has value is about the story behind it. The value is that other people seemed to be interested in the secret behind this virtual car“. It is important to note that Metakovan is the main financier of Metapurse, a company that invests in virtual art, real estate and other digital collectibles through NFT. On the website he describes himself in a short biography as „Entrepreneur, coder, angel investor for Blockchain technology since 2013, Y-Combinator-Alumnus, DeFi OG, Blockchain-Nomad, Digital Nomad“.

Something between Top or Flop
Metakovan spent 415.9 ETH US dollars on the crypto-collection object. At the time, this corresponded to the equivalent of 111,111 US dollars, he says in an interview. At today’s exchange rates, however, it would be around 193,000 US dollars. According to Animoca’s Medium-Post, it was the most expensive NFT sold in 2019.

I thought to myself: Okay, either this game will make it big or it will be the worst buy of my life,

he continues.

Now I sit there and think that I could have bought a real car for it. But that’s exactly what makes for good stories at the end of the day.

NFT: Most popular investment among crypto fans
The game, which uses the ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards of the Ethereum blockchain, focuses on collecting and trading unique cars, drivers and components – all NFT. For players, the tokens are proven to be unique, non-reproducible assets in the block chain. Last year they became one of the most popular investments of crypto enthusiasts. Just last month, for example, the London auction house Christie’s auctioned an NFT (and the accompanying real artwork) for over $130,000.