Create Wallet

The Bitcoin Cash Wallet is Electrum, the wallet of a German provider. The best way is to download the installer and follow its instructions. After the installation the wallet needs some time to synchronize itself. After that you create a new seed and get a security set which is needed for the recovery and therefore should be kept safe.

Where can I buy Bitcoin Cash on

There are a large number of exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin Cash. There is a large volume of BHC on HitBTC, Huobi, OKEx, Bit-Z, Binance, Upbit, CoinBene, WEX and Bitfinex.

Bitcoin Cash has already established itself as a serious competitor to Bitcoin and is a worthwhile alternative. The community behind the crypto currency is trying to work on the scaling problems of the blockchain.

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Bitcoin Profit – Price, Mining and Forecast Details

Buy Bitcoin Gold
– Bitcoin Gold – is a fork from the well-known Bitcoin profit, which wants to decentralize the mining again and make it fairer on the basis of the successful predecessor. A new mining algorithm contributes to this, which allows computers with powerful GPUs to also participate in mining. Apart from that, both crypto currencies are the same.

Bitcoin Gold – What is this crypto currency?
The crypto currency is derived from a fork in the Bitcoin. A fork is a split from a blockchain in which the original blockchain is continued unchanged. A block of the Bitcoin was copied and has continued to run separately from it ever since. With the Bitcoin Gold fork, most of the properties of the Bitcoin are adopted. Nevertheless, there are differences. The most important thing is mining.

The problem with Bitcoin Mining is that it has become too central. Powerful and expensive ASICS are required, so-called „application-specific integrated circuits“. These are special computer chips that are not affordable for most people. Bitcoin’s SHA256 Proof-of-Work algorithm places high demands on hardware and causes enormous power costs that only a few can afford. And so Bitcoin mining is only possible for a small number of miners.

However, Bitcoin Gold Mining works with powerful GPUs, so it only requires a graphics card. The mining should become more decentralized and be worthwhile for normal private people again. To generate new blocks, the Equihash Proof-of-Work algorithm is used, which has lower requirements. Nevertheless, most miners will have to use a Bitcoin Gold Mining Pool to cope with the high difficulty of the proof-of-work algorithm. Solo miners still require multiple machines.

Bitcoin adjusts its mining difficulty about every two weeks. With the BTG crypto currency it is with each new block. The generation of new blocks remains unchanged: This happens with both crypto currencies every ten minutes. The maximum number of coins is also the same for both crypto currencies. The upper limit should be 21 million coins of the respective blockchain.