Basic Attention Token Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether people will buy Basic Attention Tokens to participate in the network is questionable. They will probably earn it passively if they use the browser. Ultimately, the success of the token depends on how many people use the browser and how many companies want to work with the developers. Over 150 companies have already announced their intention to collaborate, so that’s not a bad thing. But so far there is not much that can be done with the crypto currency. The developers want to add new functions in the future.

Nevertheless, the share price has developed well over time and the ICO of the crypto currency has also been extremely successful. On the stock markets, one seems to see a potential in the token and the concept behind it.

One or the other might be pissed off by the 70 that the developers earn from BATs. That the developers are claiming part of the tokens traded on the platform to finance their project is not new. But in most cases they are much smaller than 70%.

Ethereum code Course – Development – Forecast

The Basic Attention Token price started in June 2017 at around 20 cents per Ethereum code coin on the stock exchanges. As a result, the price fell continuously, in July even below 10 cents. In August and September, the price picked up again and was quoted at over 15 cents per coin like this After a brief rise to over 20 cents at the beginning of October, the BAT crypto currency lost value again and was quoted at just over 10 cents in the remaining months of October and November.

In December 2017 a real hype about the crypto currencies started, which lasted into the new year. The BAT token was also affected by this hype and reached over 30 cents per coin in the pre-Christmas period. In the new year, the Basic Attention Token rate then rose to over 40 cents and doubled to around 80 cents. Then the hype subsided and the token lost value again.

This crypto currency is actually still much too young to issue a satisfactory Basic Attention Token prognosis. So far, the token has done well on the stock markets, even if it has only followed the current developments on the market. The BAT token certainly has potential, but people must also use the browser.

Create Basic Attention Token Wallet for the Bitcoin trader

The Basic Attention Token is an ERC20 token like described in this review for the Bitcoin trader. This means that you can store it on any wallet designed to store ERC20 tokens. The MyEtherWallet can be easily created by clicking on „Create New Wallet“ on its website and following the instructions. Then you only have to send a small amount of ether tokens to the address of the Bitcoin trader wallet to activate it and the wallet can be used as a Basic Attention Wallet.

Where can I buy the Basic Attention Token?
Buying Basic Attention Tokens is possible on the stock exchanges Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Ethfinex, Bitfinex, Liqui,, Livecoin, Yobit, Cryptopia, Big One, Cobinhood and Mercatox. On most of these exchanges, the BAT token must be exchanged for other coins. On Bitfinex and Ethnfinex you can also buy the token with dollars.

Conclusion Basic Attention Token
The Basic Attention Token offers a browser with high security standards and individual advertising tailored to your personal needs. There is a lot of potential in this concept, so don’t let the BAT out of your sight.

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