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Welcome to the Education Communities

Connecting educators internationally to share, build and find research and evidence about effective educational practice.

Welcome to Ed Comms an open professional platform for Educators.

These communities support global partnerships, co-research and collaboration. New communities can be quickly set up - click 'Communities' above then 'Create Community'. To join, register and create a profile so that others can find you via your expertise/interests. Some communities are public and some are private: community facilitators decide membership.

Ed Comms is provided by the Education Futures Collaboration (EFC - see Founding Members below). EFC Projects include MESH Guides, a transformative knowledge tool, publishing research-informed diagnostic and intervention strategies, created by R&D groups supported by this community platform.

Visit the Education Futures Collaboration Community for more information and join a R&D Community (see list below) to be involved in high quality research and development relevant to educational practice. See the ICET-UNESCO Education First Catalytic Community for a world view on translational research.

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June 2014 - Canada-  Come and meet teacher educator colleagues from around the world. For further details see

Learn about key UNESCO priorties. To find out more, please visit the ICET Global Education First Catalytic Community.


  • MirandaNet Associates funding consortium

    • Started:
    • Apr 2014
    • 6 members
    The common purpose of the associates is to share knowledge and expertise in the quest to fund and sustain innovative projects using digital technologies in education
  • MESH Guides Research - January 2014- December 2015

    • Started:
    • Oct 2013
    • 13 members
    This is a community for those involved with research into teachers' and trainee teachers' response to specific MESH Guides. The research will include impact on pupils over time.
  • Music Education for all - A MESH project

    • Started:
    • Apr 2013
    • 8 members
    This community is concerned with all aspects of music teaching and learning, in schools, colleges, music hubs, and in the community.
  • Translational Research JET Special Edition 2013 - PROJECT

    • Started:
    • Apr 2013
    • 9 members
    This is a private community for contributors to the Special Journal Edition on Translational Research in Education
  • ICET Global Education First Catalytic Community

    • Started:
    • Mar 2013
    • 37 members
    ICET Education First Catalytic Community is a space for networking the knowledge of donors, governments, NGO's businesses and individuals to promote quality, relevant and transformative education for everyone

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