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Information Message
We are now a Registered UK Charity!
We are pleased to annouce that the Education Futures Collaboration (of which the Education Communities is a part) has now gained charity status and is regulated by the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom.
We invite you to donate to our charity, using the button below.You can find out more about our charitable aims HERE.

Change of service – Education Communities transfers to Knowledge Hub (KHub)

From 1 January 2015, the Education Communities online service transfers to the Education Connects section on the Public Sector Knowledge Hub . Please register and then join the Education Futures Collaboration and MESH open door meeting space .

If you wish to keep copies of materials on this site, please do this by 1 January 2015 

The Khub software works in a very similar way to the existing Education Communities.

 For further queries, contact If you have an existing community and/or are part of a founder member organisation, mention that you are part of the Education Futures Collaboration and MESH initiatives. I look forward to connecting with you on the Khub platform.

Professor Marilyn Leask

Chair Education Futures Collaboration Charity E: 


  • Education Futures Collaboration Pakistan

    • Started:
    • May 2014
    • 4 members
    A social network where researchers can share and find research and evidence about effective educational practices on contemporary issues and changing educational trends.
  • ICET Global Education First Catalytic Community

    • Started:
    • Mar 2013
    • 38 members
    ICET Education First Catalytic Community is a space for networking the knowledge of donors, governments, NGO's businesses and individuals to promote quality, relevant and transformative education for everyone
  • MESH: AUTHORS OF MESHguides (Ed Futures Collaboration)

    • Started:
    • Feb 2013
    • 39 members
    Audience Statement: This community holds the guidance for authors of MESH Guides see MESH or the Mapping Educational Specialist knowHow project is one strand of work of the Education Futures Collaboration See the 'Getting involved' tab on for further information.
  • iPads, tablets and mobile devices RaDaR research group (EFC MESH project)

    • Started:
    • Oct 2012
    • 91 members
    This community is for those wishing to explore the impact that mobile technology is having on learning and teaching.
  • Digital Literacy and Creativity: MODULE

    • Started:
    • Oct 2012
    • 85 members
    This community hosts a free, online module in ?Digital Literacy and Creativity? using OER. It can be taken by individuals or accredited at 30 M level credits by Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) institutions as part of their PG Certificates for FE and HE teachers.

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