Basic Attention Token Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether people will buy Basic Attention Tokens to participate in the network is questionable. They will probably earn it passively if they use the browser. Ultimately, the success of the token depends on how many people use the browser and how many companies want to work with the developers. Over 150 companies have already announced […]

Create Wallet

The Bitcoin Cash Wallet is Electrum, the wallet of a German provider. The best way is to download the installer and follow its instructions. After the installation the wallet needs some time to synchronize itself. After that you create a new seed and get a security set which is needed for the recovery and therefore […]

Bitcoin, Ripple, EOS & Co – Winners & losers in May-Krypto Roundup

Market capitalization fell in May from around 418 billion dollars (May 1) to 328 billion dollars (May 31). This corresponds to a loss of 21.5 percent. Since the high in January, crypto markets had lost around 60 percent by the end of May. For three months, the market capitalization of the entire crypto market has […]

World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt

Day 1 of the Trescon World Blockchain Summit started yesterday in the German financial capital. Frankfurt welcomed the global Blockchain community to the fourth edition of the renowned World Blockchain Summit. June 25, 2018 – World Blockchain Summit in Frankfurt Yesterday more than 200 global Blockchain experts, government agencies, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and technology providers […]